Hello Lovelies!


My name's Misty and I've been crafting all of my life. I can't get enough of it! Even though my crafts change daily, learning and exploring new possibilities are deep passions of mine. One of my favorite things about exploring creativity is getting to share it with all of you.  I love socializing over crafts, sharing ideas and watching other people's magnificent creations come to life.


Why I Do This

Because I love it! As a busy woman I know how hard it can be to carve out creative time. We are always on the go and it's easy to become bogged down in all the "crazy" life throws our way. What we have to remember is that time for ourselves, fun, relaxation and creativity are imperative to our wellbeing. Life's too short not to enjoy. That's why it's my mission to spread creativity and fun to everyone. Please remember that creativity is a very personal thing and no two people do anything alike. Everyone has their own personal styles which is what makes creatives so very special, each of you is truly unique.  It's my belief that everyone needs to explore their own creativity which is why I am just a guide on your creative journey. I'm not here to tell you how things have to be done only to show you the way. Your finished projects are entirely in your capable hands.  

If you have any questions or just want to get in touch, email me anytime. I’d love to hear from you.

Creatively Misty

Federal Way, WA 98023